2/20/2020 12:30am Announcement

2/20/2020 12:30am Announcement

We have moved!!!

To anyone who has visited us in our new home on Chancery lane we would like to extend our gratitude for your continued patronage of Prime Consultants Ltd. This space is roughly three to four times the size of the original office and will allow our organization to put down permanent roots.

With the move behind us we have three primary directives which will be immediately fulfilled.

  1. Return walk in service to our business model
  2. Increase the accessibility of all means of correspondence
  3. Finalization, implementation and roll out of new processes, systems, procedures etc.

Of immediate benefit to clients is this new office will be staffed by an organization representative on a nine to five basis. Please if possible, continue give us some notice before you come our way as we may be attending to another client. This will formally return walk in service to Prime Consultants Ltd. which should alleviate some of the concerns we have had from patrons since moving to an “appointment only” model of doing business.

Our other directives will see results behind the scenes as intelligent processes, systems, procedures and ways of thinking are implemented into the way we conduct our day to day affairs as an organization.

Have an idea for us as we continue to grow? Prime Consultants Ltd. can be reached by email at admin@primebda.com.

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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