3/16/2020 2:00pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

3/16/2020 2:00pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

Good Afternoon,

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we understand that health and safety are our clients’ greatest concern. This is why we have made the choice to add additional measures to secure your devices.

Upon admission all devices will be wiped and sprayed with a special disinfectant. Using this process we are able to kill 99% of germs on contact. Each Device will also be quarantined from other devices to prevent cross contamination.

During the repair, we ensure that our anti static mats are clean, wiped down, and decontaminated after every single repair.

After the completion of each repair we run additional sanitation measures. This is inclusive of wiping each device down, utilizing anti bacterial products and continuing to separate your device from others. Finally should covid-19 become a long term problem for Bermuda we will begin the process of investing into UV products.

As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns we can be reached at admin@primebda.com

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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