3/18/2020 11:30pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

3/18/2020 11:30pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

Good Evening,

The highest priority of Prime Consultants Ltd. is the health and safety of technicians, clients and our community. We are taking many precautions and proactive measures. Fortunately we have well-developed risk management practices and business continuity plans, ensuring that as an organization we are prepared to respond to the evolving pandemic while delivering uninterrupted service.

We have paid close attention to local developments of covid-19 here in Bermuda. As of now there are two confirmed cases; schools are to close, most businesses have shuttered, the airport is to stop all flights on Friday and shipping is delayed across the board. Life as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future.

As many of us will need to work from home we made the decision earlier on in the week to remain open. We still see no reason to close and clients are encouraged to contact us for anything they may need as we have expanded our onsite service to meet increasing demand for our concierge technology services.

In an effort to minimize the labor burden on our staff, decrease the risks of our team becoming ill and otherwise remain operational we have begun the process of isolating staff members from one another (who are still able to work), will regularly monitor temperatures and where required will implement containment policies in office.

We hope to remain completely accessible all the same and ask for you to bear with us as we make these policy changes.

As always if you have any questions. comments or concerns do not hesitate to reach us directly,


Prime Consultants Ltd.

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