3/19/2020 10:00pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

3/19/2020 10:00pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

Good Evening,

We are delighted to inform our clients that at this time we remain open, operational and liquid. Supply chains to out of business technicians have been maintained and a system of isolation of all core organization representatives remains intact.

Our office will now run via effective containment. Clients are asked for their own health and safety to make use of pick up/drop off service or to bear with the changes which will be put into place to keep our office covid-19 free.

With the above in mind we will (until further notice) be banning all cash transactions, will no longer carry hard currency onsite (cards & wire transfers only), all clients coming to the office will be screened for obvious signs of sickness, and we will be doubling and tripling all sanitation practices.

As a reminder the highest priority of Prime Consultants Ltd. is the health and safety of technicians, clients and our community.

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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