3/24/2020 1:00am Announcement Concerning Covid-19

3/24/2020 1:00am Announcement Concerning Covid-19

Good Evening!

We are delighted to inform clients, the general public and more that we have been deemed an essential service.

From virus onset we have practiced complete and utter comprehensive containment practices by following CDC BSL-3 best practice guidelines minimizing the risk of our operations to the public. In line with government suggestions we are now introducing other social distancing practices and will continue to have our team work in effective isolation.

As a reminder the highest priority of Prime Consultants Ltd. is the health and safety of technicians, clients and our community.

To this end several gallons of high concentration lab grade isopropyl alcohol has been ordered, more is already on site, temperatures are regularly taken, clients maintain a distance of six feet at all times with organization representatives, gloves are mandatory, face masks are in transit and our practices are the most meticulous in the industry.

When made available our team will also proactively test themselves to ensure we do not contract and spread the virus on an asymptomatic basis. Any breach in our containment will be immediately reported to local authorities.

As an essential service it becomes our duty to serve the public in this time of crisis. To that end we will move to primarily provide “work at home” support, distance learning solutions, remote support, web administration and hosting services, restaurant support services and other critical IT solutions to aid essential Bermudian infrastructure , persons and institutions.

Anyone that has a respective need is urged to reach out to us at Prime Consultants Ltd.

We are here to help.

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

Sean D. Whiting

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