3/26/2020 10:00pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

3/26/2020 10:00pm Announcement Concerning Covid-19

Good Evening,

Prime Consultants Ltd. is aware of three instances of “limited local transmission” of covid-19 in Bermuda. This brings us to a total of 15 documented cases of coronavirus. According to the Bermuda Government there is no evidence of widespread community transmission. Be this as it may there is a severe shortage in the ability to test with only forty tests remaining on island. This will have a direct impact on the accuracy of any future testing enumerations as they are not widespread enough to have any additional relevance nor statistical validity.

With the above in mind Prime Consultants Ltd. will begin to run it’s operation under the pretense of there already being documented evidence of widespread community transmission.

Clients are once again urged to make use of pick up and drop off service as we have now locked our front lobby to ensure we are only serving one client at a time on a “curbside basis”. Technicians will continue to work in effective isolation.

Clients are also asked to make direct contact with the business – through one of our technicians (Sean or Sam) prior to making arrangements to come to Prime Consultants Ltd.

As a reminder the highest priority of Prime Consultants Ltd. is the health and safety of technicians, clients and our community.

Best Regards,

Sean D. Whiting

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