5/2/2020 10:00pm Announcement – We are open!

5/2/2020 10:00pm Announcement – We are open!

Good Evening!

Prime Consultants Ltd. would like to once again thank our clients for their continued loyalty. Today we reopened our city of Hamilton service intake window and have enjoyed a unprecedented level of demand for the work we provide.

We would like to advise our customers that due to this increasing level of demand Monday is almost entirely booked, Tuesday is quickly filling up and by end of day tomorrow we expect to have appointments scheduled for the next two weeks.

If you are expecting to come our way we are asking that you call, email or message ahead of time as we are operating on an appointment only model since we have reopened the in office service intake window.

Additionally we are suspending our pick up and drop of service intake window to concentrate on work that being dropped directly into the office on a curbside basis. An announcement will be made when it is to resume.

For all service requests kindly call/message 333-0557 (iMessage & WhatsApp freindly), email us at admin@primebda.com or message us on Facebook.

We wish our clients a blessed and safe rest of their weekend.

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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