6/22/2020 2:30am Organization Update & Client Briefing

6/22/2020 2:30am Organization Update & Client Briefing

Good Evening,

Prime Consultants Ltd. has worked through the weekend and into the early hours of the morning to run several essential processes. This is inclusive of pending orders, inventory management, back office administrative functions, correspondence, housekeeping, records keeping and other critical functions for the organization.

Clients with special orders are advised that while these are on the way there have been multiple delays with air shipments which have made it impossible for us to provide any accurate estimates for when these items should arrive. In an effort to speed things along we will be making contact with our forwarders in the morning. For now we are aware of the delays and will work to reduce the amount of time clients will need to wait to receive these items. We expect air shipments to become more reliable once the airport has reopened on a comprehensive basis. Sea shipments remain timely and are arriving without incident.

As it concerns correspondence if you are still waiting to hear back from us (for anything) please reach out to us again as we now believe we are completely caught up on any and all requests for service, have responded to all missed calls, emails etc.

Finally, clients will notice that we have expanded into the market of online services. Should you have a need for a website, an online ordering portal or anything else of the like kindly submit a service request as soon as you are able as we have already received multiple requests for these new services.

As always if anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, criticism etc. we can be reached by phone at 333-0557 (iMessage & WhatsApp friendly!), email at admin@primebda.com, by private message on Facebook at @primeconsultantsltd or by DM on instagram at @primeconsultantsltd.

Thank you for your attention!

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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