7/3/2020 11:00pm Announcement

7/3/2020 11:00pm Announcement

Good Evening,

The highest priority of Prime Consultants Ltd. remains the health and safety of Bermudian technicians, clients and our community.

We would like to announce to our clients that our intake process has now changed as a result of Bermuda’s move into “status four”. All service requests begin at the front door of Suite #306 (please ring our ring doorbell when you have arrived) of the Commerce Building. Clients are advised to continue to make initial contact with us before you head in our direction so we can properly manage the flow of traffic into our business. We can be reached by phone & WhatsApp at 333-0557, by email at admin@primebda.com or by private message on FaceBook.

Clients must where a mask and maintain a distance of six feet from our agents at all times. Once in the office we will run efficient and meticulous intake processes to quickly generate a service request. Intake processes gather your contact phone number, email address, full name, passwords (if applicable), a short issue description and anything else you would like to provide for the purposes of resolving your ticket. Once a ticket is created we aim to make contact with you within twenty four to forty eight hours in order to provide a solution.

Once a solution has been provided clients return to the office in the same way they arrived where discharge processes are run. We are pleased to announce that credit card processing is once again readily available as we are no longer operating on a curbside basis. If you still wish to pick up street side we are happy to take your card details over the phone or accept wire transfer payments for our services.

Our sanitation practices remain stringent and everything we touch is plastic bagged, scrubbed in high concentration alcohol and irradiated in ultraviolet light to ensure that we are working in a sterile environment. We will note that management remains rather paranoid about the pandemic and we reserve the right to change our intake process for any reason without notice. Events in the United States are being closely monitored and should they present a safety concern (with the reopening of our airport) procedure can be adjusted accordingly.

We would finally like to make our clients aware that shipping is still delayed across the board. All the same we have been able to fulfill nearly all of our pending special orders with only a few remaining customers with items to clear. Unfortunately we are now short on our internal stock of repair parts forcing us to suspend all sales to out of business technicians and in several instances deny service. To remedy the situation we have (at great expense) rushed an order by air before the July the 4th holiday suspends U.S. shipping.

As a longer term solution we are holding discussions with our suppliers to secure a very large bulk order which will enable us to continue to keep our prices where they are and resupply out of business technicians. If you are an established business that wishes to draw from our supply chain we ask that you follow correct process and procedure by making your request in writing to our manager. Sean can be reached by email at sean@primebda.com

These stock issues are the result of unprecedented demand for our services which continues to increase on a day to day basis.

We thank you for your understanding and as always if you have any questions, comments, concerns, criticism feedback or just want to say hello please reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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