What to expect when you choose Prime Consultants Ltd.

What to expect when you choose Prime Consultants Ltd.

We know things are beginning to look a little different, but rest assured that we’re here for you every step of the way.

At Prime Consultants Ltd., we put your safety at the forefront of your experience with effective policies, procedures and sanitation practices. This is the result of close contact with overseas experts who advise us on enhancing our safety measures. Decisions are made in consultation with current CDC guidance.

We are advising clients that our intake process are to change as a result of increasing covid-19 case numbers.

All service requests will begin and end in the lower lobby of the Commerce Building. Clients are to make initial contact with us before you head in our direction so we can properly manage the flow of traffic into our business. We can be reached by phone & WhatsApp at 333-0557, by email at admin@primebda.com or by private message on FaceBook. We reserve the right to refuse service to any client who does not follow this request.

As mandated by law clients are required to wear a mask and maintain a distance of six feet from our agents at all times. From our lower lobby we will run efficient and meticulous intake processes to quickly generate a service request. Intake processes gather your contact phone number, email address, full name, a short issue description and anything else you would like to provide for the purposes of resolving your ticket. Once a ticket is created we aim to make contact with you within twenty four to forty eight hours in order to provide a solution.

You can also make use of our interactive Support Center to view the status of your repair or diagnosis while it is in progress. You can make responses, view our notes on your device and see our technician’s updates. You can even enter your details before you arrive for an expedited drop-off experience! Our support center can be found at https://www.primebda.com/service/

Once a solution has been provided clients return to the lower lobby in the same way they arrived where discharge processes are run.

Our sanitation practices are stringent and everything we touch is plastic bagged, scrubbed in high concentration alcohol and irradiated in ultraviolet light to ensure that we are working in a sterile environment. Disinfection will now occur using EPA-approved disinfectants. Frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people is important and will occur after every interaction.

All agents of Prime Consultants Ltd. are masked, practice strict social distancing, work in effective isolation, regularly take their temperatures, regularly wash hands, and recycle PPE after each “interaction”.

The following rules will also apply: Prime Consultants Ltd. reserves the right to refuse service if you:

  • Have any symptoms of COVID-19, including recently developed cough, fever, difficulty breathing, changes in smell or taste, or fatigue (this list is not all-inclusive);
  • Have been in close contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days;
  • Have been instructed to self-quarantine or self-isolate by a health care provider, public health authority, or government agency within the last 14 days
  • Are awaiting the results of a mandatory COVID-19 test.
  • Have recently traveled and are awaiting day four test results.
  • You refuse to wear a mask.
  • You are visibly ill.
  • You are a student of Clearwater Middle School
  • You are a student of Dellwood Middle School
  • You are a student of CedarBridge Academy
  • You are a student of Paget Primary
  • You are a student of Saltus

Finally, clients are reminded to make use of our pick up and drop of service. To schedule a time for us to come to you: https://primebda.com/new/onsite-support/

We believe our strict policies keep you and our team safe and our enforcement is rigorous. Please follow our agents instructions for process efficiency.

We thank you for your understanding and as always if you have any questions, comments, concerns, criticism feedback or just want to say hello please reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

Best Regards,

Prime Consultants Ltd.

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