Desktop Repair

We offer full service desktop repair and optimization services! At Prime Consultants Ltd. we look at your desktop the second you bring it in – where possible we will provide both an estimate and a time frame for any prescribed repairs while you wait. In store diagnostics are a complimentary service for our clients, and we never charge for simple guidance. All liquid damaged desktops, no power desktops and forensic data recoveries are overnight repairs.

Common Issues:

  1. Not turning on
  2. Running slow
  3. Bad logic board
  4. Failing Power Supply

Top Reasons to Have Your Repairs Done by Us

  1. Most desktop parts are stock which means that you save time.
  2. Fair and transparent pricing
  3. We use grade A+ American designed parts.
  4. Customers love us
  5. Apple Certified Technicians
  6. Limited Warranty**
**Warranty does NOT cover physical damage, liquid damage or accidental damage.